dinsdag 22 juli 2014


Some sketches from my trip to Mallorca:

And yesterday I went to the Antwerp zoo to sketch some animals:

Also, next school year I will be a student/staff worker for Ichtus Brussel.

maandag 7 juli 2014

Adam White Aid Print

"A longtime member and dear friend of the Threadless community, printed artist Adam White was recently diagnosed with early stages of multiple sclerosis and paresthesias. In an effort to help alleviate mounting medical expense, 30 Threadless artists have banded together to sell their work in this very special Adam White MADE Shop. 100% of net proceeds collected from pieces sold in this shop will be donated directly to Adam to aid his fight against this disease."

I am one of those 30 artists that contributed a design:

So cool that Threadless does this kind of thing to support good causes. 

A few weeks ago, there was a collaboration challenge called 'Lend a Hand',
with 41 artists designing their own version of a hand:

(I did the skeleton pixel hand)
This one got printed for the Adam White Benefit as well.

Also, JapanExpo was great!

dinsdag 24 juni 2014

Moar Characturzz

Made 4 more characters for the Characters competition. 
Wish I had more time to spend on some of them. Oh well, here they are:

zaterdag 21 juni 2014

Captain Spacefrog

I couldn't resist participating in the Threadless 'Characters' challenge. The idea of having your own vinyl figurine is just too cool.

Also, this game is going to be awesome:
Great choice of music for this trailer (65daysofstatic)

zaterdag 17 mei 2014

Negative Space

Two designs for the Negative Space challenge (remakes of older designs):

"The ladle is nonexistent"

"Original Sin"

Also, HunterXHunter will restart in June!

maandag 5 mei 2014

Always Thirsty

New Threadless design up for voting: "Always Thirsty".

Also, I went to see the Grand Budapest Hotel. Loved it!

maandag 28 april 2014

New Teepublic design + some Speedpaints

I uploaded another old Threadless design on Teepublic:

If you want to buy it, do it now, because it will only sell for 14$ the first two days. 
After that it will be sold for 20$.

I'm part of a speedpaint group on facebook which has new topics each week. The goal is to paint something relating to the topic in 30 minutes (or 50 minutes if you feel like taking it easy). Here are some of the paints:

Black Magic


Evening Port

Bionic Shark

Also, I made this animated GIF as an invitation to my 25th birthday party/barbecue:

It was fun!