vrijdag 23 augustus 2013

Minimalism Design + Interesting Kickstarter

A design for the minimalism challenge on Threadless:

(click on the image to go to the voting page)

I recently discovered another interesting Kickstarter project by 2 Disney Veterans. 
"It's a story about an 11-year-old, meticulous boy, WALT, and his crazy, loopy GRANDPA -- two complete opposites -- who get stuck in a vast, imaginative WORLD OF PAINTINGS.  Inside, they cross paths with a ruthless painted character determined to make it into our world.  In order to get home and stop the villain, Walt and Grandpa have to set aside their differences, work together and navigate worlds where the rules can change around every corner."  

(this reminded me a lot of my graduation movie)

Also, NANA nana nana nana NANA nana nana nana BATMAAN! (I bought some Batman comics)

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