vrijdag 31 mei 2013

3 New Designs

As the title says, 3 new designs are up for voting on Threadless.

Third and last one for the Make Pixels together community challenge:

And two more for the Spongebob Challenge:
The title on this one is a bit wonky.

I had to rush this one because the deadline was close (next day when I was working on it).

Also, I got my driver's license! If I can give some advice, start learning to drive as soon as you can...

donderdag 30 mei 2013

Spongebob Design #1

My first design for the Spongebob design challenge on Threadless is up for scoring.

No weekly evening paints  for last week (or was it two weeks?) because I've been busy making all those pixel and spongebob t-shirt designs (3 more coming up). 

Thanks to everyone for the great score on my pixel doctor Who design: 3.24 out of 5, it was a very nice collaboration.

Also, If you've got some spare time please consider signing these petitions:

donderdag 23 mei 2013

2 pixel designs up for scoring

I've got 2 new Pixel art designs up for scoring on Threadless:

This is my collaboration with ourgraphicfaith.

This was a fast one, had 2 evenings to work on it until the deadline (which has been delayed afterwards).

Also, check out this interesting game project on kikcstarter: TUG

woensdag 15 mei 2013

I can't believe it!

One of my designs was chosen to be printed on demand and is now available in the Threadless shop!
A big thanks to everyone who voted on this ;)

(click on the image to go to the shirt page)

Also, here's a little teaser of an upcoming collaboration with Cyriac Abby Philips (aka Ourgraphicfaith).

zondag 12 mei 2013

Weekly Evening Paint

This weeks evening painting: special one for mother's day (she really likes lavender).
If you are reading this, thanks for being my mother, mom!
 Anyway, I had to stop because my wrist started hurting...

Also, I've got some new t-shirt designs coming up...

woensdag 1 mei 2013

Evening Paints

Today I decided to do at least once a week some digital paintings for practice. This week one of my favourite animals: the wolf.

It took about an hour and a half and I used the photos only as a reference. I tried picking the colours by sight and paint immediately without sketching first. Feels like I'm making some progress...

Also, playing The Sims on iPhone right now. Instant nostalgia...