donderdag 5 september 2013


I painted something weird...

Also, if you want to see some great animated short stories, check out this site: Late Night Work Club

"Late Night Work Club is a loose, rotating collective of indie animators.
That is, animators who do independent, non-commercial work. 

It’s an excuse to bring a whole bunch of us together and make something great, and also to promote the work of the artists involved. 
Some of the best, most personal, experimental and vital animation going right now is happening on the internet. 
It’s being made late at night when other people have gone to sleep and on weekends when everyone else is out. 
It’s being made by students, freelancers, full-timers and folks with unrelated day jobs. It means something to us. 
It’s our scene."

maandag 2 september 2013

90's kids

Second design for the 90's challenge.
Not very satisfied with the end result, linework isn't very clean...
I had the most fun thinking of which characters to use and what to make them do.

(click on the image to go to the voting page)

Also, here's a teaser for the movie I had a chance to work on for the past year (layout, animation fix, texture wrangling, finaling, and other junior position jobs).