dinsdag 14 januari 2014

Art without Concept #1

There's an interesting challenge on Threadless: Art without Concept.

"For this challenge, create something that looks awesome. Don't worry about messages or concepts, just create something that's nice to look at.
Use your artistic chops to make something that will turn a t-shirt into an art gallery. Folks will stare in amazement at your tee and ask, "It's beautiful! What does it mean?" And you can respond, "Eh, nothin'."
A very good exercise on color, shapes and composition. Sometimes it's good to just let things flow, without having to think about what you are actually drawing or where you are going.
I tried to work with a limited color palette.

Also, glad I got to see Gravity on the big screen, definitely worth a watch in the cinema if it's still playing!

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