vrijdag 28 augustus 2015

Argentina in Pixels

I made a Flickr album of the pictures I took with my Gameboy Camera in Argentina. I went there for three weeks with my brother. A very blessed trip!
You can browse with the left and right arrows. When you click on a picture, you'll go to the Flickr page to see the large size (I resized them to a larger format).

Argentina in Pixels

Transferring these pictures to a PC took me a while to figure out, but I finally succeeded!
I also uploaded a very small selection of 'regular' pictures I took with my DSLR camera to my Flickr account.

Also, I'm still waiting for my 3D printer :(

zondag 16 augustus 2015

Nyanside Out up for voting on Threadless

I also uploaded it to Threadless so it can get a chance to be printed:

Also, I think I'm going to stop making T-shirt designs and focus on other stuff. It seems like the Threadless thing isn't really working out anymore. Getting a print was a big surprise and I'm really thankful for it, but I have been investing a lot of free time in making these designs with little reward. Of course it helped me a tremendous amount in terms of artistic/technical progress (and also in dealing with rejection/feedback), but the more I make these designs the less rewarding it feels. Especially when I'm starting to get the feeling that I should invest that time in other things. There is a new feature, called 'artist shops', coming up soon. But that probably won't be very successful for me, as it will be the same concept as Teepublic (my sales there aren't very noteworthy).
As I'm a creative person I'll still be making things and exploring art in all kinds of ways, but for the moment I have lost my interest in the t-shirt design community a bit. That's it I guess... maybe I'll be back after a while, who knows.

But don't forget: never stop creating!

zaterdag 15 augustus 2015

New shirt on Teepublic: Nyanside Out

Here it is:

Here's a close-up view:
(you can click on one of the images above to go to the buying page)

Also, I'm back from Argentina. I'll be posting a big update on everything i drew there.