woensdag 2 november 2016

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Hello everyone!
Some Threadless designs I made are up for voting.
They're all for the ugly Christmas Sweater competition:

Also, I had a great weekend with my brother & cousin playing some games from our childhood, visiting Ypres and just having fun together. Family sticks together!

donderdag 6 oktober 2016

Pairi Daiza

I went to Pairi Daiza with my family: parents, sister&boyfriend, brother&wife, me&fiancé (jup, I got engaged!)
It was a really nice, blessed day. I really enjoyed it, there is something about animals that just keeps fascinating me. Sometimes I think, hey, great job God (hope that doesn't sound demeaning, I don't mean it like that).


Also, just finished The Banner Saga 2... that ending though °-°

vrijdag 16 september 2016

Louvre drawings

Went to Paris and visited the Louvre. Drew a bit. Last one is the view from Mont-Martre.

Also, exciting news coming up...

woensdag 7 september 2016

Stop-Motion video

So, I made this stop-motion video for my cousin's wedding. Enjoy!

For the wedding of my cousin!

Also, I participated in the World Art Drop Day (first Tuesday of September).
You can check my Tumblr post for more details on where to find the two drawings I dropped off!

woensdag 29 juni 2016

Stickerbomb 3

A while ago there was a call for submissions for Stickerbomb 3. Artists all over the world could send in their designs, and if any of your designs got selected they would be printed as a sticker in the book. I sent in three pixel-art designs, and they all got featured in the book, take a look!

This is the book, with over 240 stickers.

Here are my designs as stickers (bottom three).

At the back of the book, there's an 'Artist Info' page,
with every artist that participated. Pretty awesome!

And here are the original designs.

Also, living in Brussels is pretty cool!

zondag 22 mei 2016

Sketches from March & April

Here are some sketches I made in March and April.

The first two are made with these awesome markers: Winsor & Newton markers - Amazon link
Very vibrant colors and the cool thing is you can mix them on the special paper!
The animal drawings are drawn from google image searches.
Those after that were made at the fin-de-siècle museum (Brussels). It's a nice collection, but not entirely what I expected.
And the last two are from a little book called '642 tiny things to draw'. Nice little book I got from my girlfriend, comes in handy if you want to do a daily drawing thing. Sometimes it's fun to get creative with the suggestions they give, as some of them are a bit mundane.

Also, never go to a shop when everything is 50% off. You might end up waiting 2 hours to get to the cash register... It did confront me with the greed of people (including my own, although I didn't buy that much in my opinion).

donderdag 5 mei 2016


Couldn't get this out of my head, so I just had to make it.
Feel free to vote on it, I'll upload it to my Artist Shop anyway when the voting period is over.

Also, feeling very blessed lately :)

woensdag 27 april 2016

Collaboration design

I participated in a collaborative design, with 31 other artists. The theme was robots and if this gets printed all profit will go to charity. I made 6 robots, can you spot them?

Also, I discovered this blog called Zenpencils. It has really interesting stuff on there if you need some motivation/inspiration.

zondag 13 maart 2016

Threadless Artist Shop

My Threadless Artist Shop is online!

Now, you may ask yourself, what exactly is a 'Threadless Artist Shop'? 
Well, let me explain:
it's like an online t-shirt shop, where I as an artist can sell my designs, where you as a customer can buy them and where Threadless as a company does everything else: the shipping, printing and handling (and of course they get the largest part of the sales).

It's not that different from Teepublic, but it might get me to different audiences and I'll be selling some designs exclusively there!

Also, amazing how some sun can make you instantly feel good ^^

dinsdag 1 maart 2016

Gotta catch 'em all!

Made 2 designs for the Misheard Lyrics challenge on Threadless:

Same idea but more of a Pokémon battle version.

Also, I discovered a free-to-play turn based strategy cardgame with cool pixel art, check it out on: https://duelyst.com/

dinsdag 9 februari 2016


Something I'm working on whenever I find some spare time (i.e. rarely).
It's only a short excerpt of something longer. And in case you're wondering, it won't be about Pokémon. It's going to be pretty cool if I can finish it one day :)

Also, it's Anima! Saw some really good things, can't wait to see the rest...

donderdag 7 januari 2016

Ink doodles

Some doodles.
It's funny how drawing can have this relaxing, almost therapeutic effect on me.
Then I ask myself, why don't I draw more?

For some reason I wanted to color this one in with a watercolor effect (in Photoshop).

Also, best wishes for 2016!